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“The Shitty Fucking People Epidemic Pt 1” by Chris Moore

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It's been a while since I've posted an article. I've been busy handling real life shit (don't worry, I'll explain), and I appoligize to my loyal readers. I'm still on the Trump Train, even though he's getting rail roaded by the best politician this country has ever produced. I kinda saw this coming though. American's love cheaters. Ask Tom Brady. I didn't mean "best politician" as a compliment in any way. The word "politician" should be banned from the English language. Seriously. In my eyes, calling someone a politician is worse than calling them a cunt (yes this is going…

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“GOP, GFY” – by Chris Moore

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As a Donald Trump supporter, I'm pissed off at a lot of things. I'm pissed at our liberal, terrorist sympathizing President. I'm pissed off that people keep calling me a racist because I don't want illegal immigrants and sleeper cells in my country. I'm pissed off at moronic, free loading teenagers who think food stamps are more important than free speech. I'm pissed off that people are saying the only reason I am voting for Trump is because I am pissed off at everything. But I am absolutely furious at the fact that the GOP is trying to fuck the…

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“The NFL Fan’s Guide to Understanding the Primaries” – by Chris Moore

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    I frequently find myself trying to explain a lot of things about politics. Examples, how the delegate vs popular vote system works. The different characteristics of each candidate. Hell, sometimes I even find myself explaining the difference between not only a Republican and Democrat, but a conservative and liberal as well. I'm surprised at how little people actually know about how their government works. There are more people who can explain and understand the NFL playoff race than there are people who can explain and understand the Bernie Sanders Tax Plan. Well, that's actually a bad analogy because…

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