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“The Star Spangled Dilemma” – by Mike Zietz

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     There is a growing problem in this country. You may not be aware of it. You may not understand it. So allow me to tell you what it is. The problem is black lives matter. The problem is obama. The problem is hillary clinton. The problem is the police. The problem is Donald Trump. The problem is cnn and the rest of the main stream media. The solution is easy and I'll tell you why.       To understand how to fix the problem we need to understand all the supporting causes to the issue. So let's be…

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“The Shitty Fucking People Epidemic Pt 2” – by Chris Moore

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‚Äč Well, we are less than two weeks away from football season!!! So, my rants will most likely shift focus because I am much more interested in football than I am in politics (if you can believe that). Maybe my priorities are a little fucked up, but I dont care. Football has always been there for me. Politicians, not so much. But anyway, there are shitty fucking people everywhere. So to build on my last article, which was more of a venting session than anything informative, I present you with part two. As I said last week, I believe that…

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“The Shitty Fucking People Epidemic Pt 1” by Chris Moore

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It's been a while since I've posted an article. I've been busy handling real life shit (don't worry, I'll explain), and I appoligize to my loyal readers. I'm still on the Trump Train, even though he's getting rail roaded by the best politician this country has ever produced. I kinda saw this coming though. American's love cheaters. Ask Tom Brady. I didn't mean "best politician" as a compliment in any way. The word "politician" should be banned from the English language. Seriously. In my eyes, calling someone a politician is worse than calling them a cunt (yes this is going…

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